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  • Body: A rigid enclosure integrally made with quality castings, with the gear shaft and holes being machined at once on a high-precision CNC machining center. With high degrees of parallelism, the bearings ensure fine gear meshing, high transmission efficiency and low noise during operation.
  • Gear: Large gears are made of S45oC or alloy steel undergoing high-frequency induction hardening process; small gears are made of SNCM21 materials going through carburizing process. To minimize loss of thrust, gears are developed with a spiral geometry to limit pressure angles to lower than 20 degrees. The gear geometry makes for improved strength and surface roughness, while helping to avoid losing concentricity during operation. Key shear stress can also be greatly reduced with this design.
  • Lubrication: Molybdenum disulfide lubricants are splashed onto parts of gears and bearings inside a reducer, to allow for easy maintenance and low consumption of lubricants.


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