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Pai An


Keyless Power Locker


A Leading Brand of Gear Reducers with Inherited Skills Cultivated for 30 Years

“PAI AN” is one of the most sought-after brands of gear reducers in Taiwan, as well as the pride of Jhan Rong Mechanical Co., Ltd., which has successfully developed the own brand on well-honed skills and technologies cultivated over the past 30 years.

Founded in 1992, Jhan Rong, formerly known as Ching Shung Mechanical Co., Ltd., is a time-tested developer and manufacturer of gear reducers, liquid mixers, shafts 
and related components, with strong focus on continuous R&D for the finest gear transmission mechanism and manufacturing technologies. All of our products have 
been marketed globally under “PAI AN” brand.

Since taking over Jhan Rong’s ownership in 2016, chairman D.S Tsai has led the company to step up upgrading production equipment and enhancing product 
performance to stay competitive in the increasingly challenging market, with a vision to bring PAI AN’s images to new heights.



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